Potitos® Nutribén® 6 fruit dessert jar

Nutribén®Potitos®, Made from banana, apple, peach, orange, pear, and apricot jars, are created to feed babies from 6 months onwards, as part of a varied diet.

This product has been developed in accordance with the ESPGHAN recommendations:

  • No added sugar. It contains naturally occurring sugars.
  • Gluten free.
  • Egg free.
  • Milk free.
  • No added salt, in accordance with paediatric recommendations.
  • No flavourings or spices.
  • No additives, artificial colourings, or preservatives.

– Net weight: available in 200 gr. and 250 gr.

– Check ingredients and product analysis.


With Nutribén® Potitos® jars you will know the list of nutrients:

  • We measure the quantity of nutrients by taking into account the nutritional needs of your baby at each stage of their development.
  • We ensure that we make a homogeneous mixture, so that we can guarantee that your baby has eaten an appropriate proportion of nutrients.
  • We measure cooking times in order to achieve perfect results.
  • We ensure that our ingredients are of the highest quality.
  • In general, our Potitos® jars provide more energy and less water than home-made purées1.
  • Our jars are undergo over 1,000 quality controls.
  1. 1. Nutritional composition of home-prepared baby meals in Madrid. Comparison with commercial products in Spain and homemade meals in England SAM van den Boom’, AC amber2 and JB Morgan3 Teseo’, Madrid, Spain; Department of Mathematical and Computing Sciences’, and School of Biological Sciences3, University of Surrey, Guildford, UK).