About Nutribén®

“Surpassing ourselves so that they can surpass us”

The Brand

Nutribén® is a brand that belongs to Grupo Alter, a pioneer in child nutrition, and that we have extensive experience offering our consumers the widest range of products of the highest quality and safety. This is only possible by using the best raw materials, by following the strictest quality and safety controls and by innovating every day in the development of the best infant formulas.


To meet baby’s feeding needs with a full range from birth to the age of 5, offering the highest quality and safety.

At Nutribén® we are clear about our goal: to offer a balanced, varied diet from the first days of life to the age of 5, and thus ensure optimal growth of our children.

That’s why we develop the widest range of products of the highest quality and safety, ranging from Infant powder milk to Potitos® (Jars), Cereals, fruit juices and baby teas.

We develop the widest range of products of the highest quality and safety: Infant powder milk, Cerelas, Potitos® (Jars), fruit juices and baby teas.



All Nutribén® products are produced according to strict quality standards in terms of organoleptic and sensory characteristics, physical and chemical values, microbiological criteria, levels of contaminants and pesticides, removing any types of risk to babies’ health.


The constant concern for safety in production processes means that we only use the most advanced techniques in terms of hygiene and quality. We thus provide a reliability that can only be achieved by being one of the most solid laboratories in the pharmaceutical industry.


We are committed to innovation as a key factor in the development of our products and a fundamental tool to face the challenges that arise in the child nutrition industry.


At Nutribén® we know that service isn’t just an extension of innovation and quality, but a decisive element in both to achieve excellence.

Our history

Nutribén® arrived in Spanish homes for the first time in 1963, courtesy of Grupo Alter. This was with the famous Potitos® (Jars) that would immediately become a favourite product among children and mothers, and that remain popular to this day.

Shortly after, in 1968, Nutribén® Cereals was put on sale with immediate success. The arrival of this product meant a transformation in the dietary habits of children thanks to their excellent ingredients and innovative preparation.

In an effort to offer varied and balanced baby food, Nutribén® began to manufacture a product in 1985 that had never existed up to then on the market: Infant powder milk. NATAL was the first milk to meet the nutritional needs of infants during the lactation period.

More than fifty years of experience speaks for itself and we can provide an unbeatable range of products for infant nutrition: Infant powder milk, Cereals, Potitos® (Jars), fruit juices and Alivit® baby teas, which have the support and satisfaction of thousands of mothers all over the world.

In the 1990s, the internationalization process began with the creation of subsidiaries in Panama and the Dominican Republic, and which currently leads us to have a presence in twenty-four countries throughout the world.

Today, Nutribén® is an internationally consolidated brand in the field of infant nutrition thanks to our desire to surpass ourselves, to the constant innovation our processes are subjected to and our commitment to provide all our products with the maximum quality and safety..

Grupo Alter

Founded in 1939 by the pharmacist Juan José Alonso Grijalba, Grupo Alter is a Spanish company with more than 80 years of experience in the health market. From its earliest years, innovation, quality, safety and the desire to excel led the Group to establish itself as one of the most important health companies in Spain.

During the following years the company would carry out a process of consolidation within the health market that would take a decisive step in 1963 with the emergence of the Nutribén® brand, dedicated to infant nutrition.

This development would continue in later years, and Grupo Alter would diversify its offer by entering the wine market. It would also begin a process of international expansion that would lead to the creation of subsidiaries in France and Italy, and which continues to this day.

At present, Grupo Alter has its own factories throughout Spain and branches in Portugal, Italy, France and the Dominican Republic and distributes its products to 5 continents.

Endorsed by 75 years of experience dedicated to the world of health, Grupo Alter continues to expand and faces the challenges of the 21st Century based on constant innovation, the best qualified staff and the most advanced technical means, and the pursuit of excellence in all its products.

Today, just as when we started, and driven by enthusiasm, Grupo Alter works every day to offer products of the highest quality and thus achieve the full satisfaction of our customers.

Grupo Alter Structure:


Ever since its inception, Nutribén® has maintained the firmest commitment to offer its consumers quality products while seeking maximum respect for the environment.

And this is only possible thanks to the experience that being a leader in the infant food market for more than 50 years gives us. This experience gives us the impetus to remain at the forefront of innovation, creating production processes that are increasingly safe and sustainable thanks to strict control from start to finish.

All the production, quality and safety processes that Nutribén® follows go a step beyond infant feeding legislation, since we strictly comply with pharmaceutical legislation.

At Nutribén® we assume this responsibility with future generations, with the satisfaction that being an active part of a better tomorrow provides us. That’s why we check all the ingredients from the beginning, to offer you quality products that comply with strict legislation on infant feeding.

In addition, at Nutribén® we have a protocol on environmental safety that leads us to control CO2 emissions, as well as our own system for recycling and reuse of packaging.

We have therefore been able to obtain all the quality certificates that certify Nutribén®‘s commitment to the environment in which we live and that express our intention to leave future generations a cleaner, more liveable and safer planet.

Control of CO2 emissions and own recycling system.