Contract Manufacturing

Do you have a formula, want us to develop one for you? Nutribén® will help you produce it.

At Nutribén® we don’t just only develop and manufacture our products in our factories. We also offer you the chance to develop your own formulas in our factories. Nutribén® is the partner that you need for the production and development of Infant powder milk, Cereals and /or Jars.

Contract Manufacturing Nutribén® Advantages:

  • To work with a prestige brand with experience in infant feeding, since 1963.
  • The maximum quality and safety: our quality control guarantees the excellence of raw materials, conditioning materials, production processes, both internal and external, and of course, the final product. Our laboratory is equipped with the most advanced control technology and our team of specialists guarantees the highest quality and safety in all processes.
  • Traceability: we have a modern automated logistics warehouse that guarantees the best traceability and service for customers.
  • Commitment
  • Punctuality

Nutribén® has 3 modern factories, discover them:

We help you to produce and develop your own formulas for Infant powder milk, Cereals and/or Jars.

If you have any questions or want to be our partner, don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you have any question or want to be our partner do not hesitate to contact us.