<h1 class="pageTitle">Baby food products</h1>

At Nutribén®, we make a wide variety of baby food: milks, cereals, Potitos®, juices and infusions. All of our products meet international baby food safety regulations and are perfectly adapted in terms of flavour and texture for each stage of your baby’s development.

Infant formulas

Made using our own formulations and the best ingredients, Nutribén® infant formulas contain all the necessary nutrients to feed the infants in a balanced and safe way. Nutribén® offers you the widest range of formulas on the market to provide a complete nutrition at each stage of growth.



Nutribén® cereals are prepared naturally and without any chemical processes. We use thermal hydrolysis, which allows to preserve the original flavour of grains. Our cereals also have a higher amount of grains than other cereals on the market, and thanks to the special treatment they undergo, they dissolve easily, meaning you do not have to add an excess amount of product, preventing your baby from gaining excess weight.


Nutribén® Potitos® jars are made with an adequate amount of nutrients, taking into account your baby’s nutritional needs at each stage. Furthermore, they undergo very strict quality controls. We ensure that our ingredients are of the highest quality and that they provide more energy than home-made purées. We have also added the Ecopotitos® range, made with produce originating from organic farming.

Juices and infusions

Nutribén® juices are ideal for your baby’s correct development as they do not contain added sugars nor artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives. Our infusions are made with extracts from controlled plant species, and given their special ingredients and characteristics they are the perfect complement for your baby to have proper nutrition.