At Nutribén® we meet the highest international standards in terms of quality, food, occupational and environmental safety. These are all our certificates:

ISO 9001: 2015 Certificate


Quality systems

Since April 1999


ISO 9001: 2015 is the basis of the quality management system since it is an international standard and focuses on all aspects of quality management that a company must have in order to have an effective system that allows it to manage and improve the quality of their products or services.

FSSC 22.000:2019 Certificate


Food safety system

Since April 2013


Certification scheme for food safety systems including ISO 22000:2005, ISO/TS 22002-1:2009 and additional FSSC 22000 requirements in the production and commercialization of Potitos® (Jars), dehydrated cereals and powdered infant milk. Commercialization of infant foods: liquid infant milk, liquid cereals, fruit juices and baby teas.

ISO 17025 Certificate


Quality in test laboratories

Since April 2010


This is an international standard establishing the requirements that testing and calibration laboratories must meet. It is a quality standard that introduces a series of essential technical requirements to achieve the accreditation of testing and calibration laboratories.

HACCP Certificate


Food safety system

Since December 1999


The application of HACCP increases food safety and provides other important benefits such as facilitating inspection work by the competent authority and promoting international trade by increasing confidence in food safety.

Certificate Controlled by FACE (Spanish Federation of Coeliac Associations)


Gluten Free Certificate

Since April 2007


It guarantees coeliac consumers that the products have fulfilled the requirements that FACE establishes with respect to maximum levels of gluten, guaranteeing that the verified products are suitable for consumption by coeliacs.

IH-458/1.6/M/27 Certificate


Halal certification mark

Since June 2017


Certificate from the Halal Institute which guarantees that products and services aimed at Muslims meet the requirements of Islamic law and are therefore fit for consumption.

OHSAS 18001: 2007 Certificate


Occupational risk prevention system

Since April 2006


The OHSAS standard is a standard developed in the United Kingdom to help the entire company continuously improve the health and safety at work it offers its employees.
We apply this management system in: the production and commercialization of baby foods and dietary products.
Storage and distribution of cosmetic products and pharmaceutical specialties.


We respect the environment to offer a sustainable world with a better quality of life for our main customers: children.

Nutribén® is aware of the importance attached to respect for the environment nowadays. That is why Alter Farmacia, S.A. has developed and implemented an Environmental Management system based on ISO 14001 standards, which helps us to identify, prioritize and manage any environmental risk and reduce its impact.

– Complying and continuously adapting to legislative requirements.
– Segregating waste and ensuring proper management.
– Preventing incidents that could affect the environment.
– Minimizing the amounts of waste and energy generated.
– Continuously improving the quality of our working environment and its surroundings
– Making our workers aware of this important need.

All of this in order to be a company at the service of our customers, society and the environment

ISO 14001:2015 Certificate


Environmental management system

Since July 2013