Alivit® Nature chamomile, fennel and lemon grass

Alivit® Nature camomile, fennel and lemon verbena baby teas Nutribén® are made with extracts of controlled plant species and can be administered from 6 months of age.

We use plant species that, due to their aroma and flavour, characteristics of the species to which they belong, are used in food for their physiological or organoleptic effects (according to Royal Decree 3176/1983, of November 16).

– Net Weight: 200 gr.

– Consult ingredients and analysis of the product.

Table of dosage

This chart is based on average requirements, and can only be changed on the advice of the physician.

Scoops per serving of
Boiled water (ml.)
Age: 6 to 12 months
Age: 12 months or more