Nutribén® 8 Cereals Marie biscuits with a hint of honey

Nutribén® 8 Cereals Marie biscuits with a hint of honey is an instant cereal for 6-month old babies and onwards, and is perfect for introducing new flavours into the baby’s diet.

Nutribén® has developed a natural non-chemical process: thermal hydrolysis. This process has meant a significant technological advance, and allows us to preserve the original flavour of cereals.

What are the benefits of thermal hydrolysis?

  • It produces less sugar, therefore Nutribén® cereals contain low levels of sugar.
  • El tratamiento exclusivo por calor, evita el uso de enzimas que producen hidrólisis más extensas.
  • By only using thermal treatment, using enzymes that produce extensive hydrolysis is not necessary.
  • The product is easily dissolved and becomes thicker faster. This way, you do not have to add more product meaning that you do not overfeed your baby, and thus your baby will not gain excess weight.

– Net weight: 600 g.

– Check ingredients and product analysis.

Dosage Table

This table is based on average requirements and should be followed unless your doctor states otherwise.

Tablespoons of cereal*
Boiled water (ml)
Age: 6 to 7 months
Age: 7 months and onwards

*One tablespoon is equal to approximately 6 g.


Nutribén® offers a wide and safe range of gluten-free cereals made with high quality ingredients that provide your baby with a complete and energy-rich diet.

What makes Nutribén® gluten-free cereals different from others?

  • Nutribén® Cereals Marie biscuits with a hint of honey contains a higher percentage of cereals. Cereals are an important source of energy, therefore, they are a basic element in a child’s diet. It is made with 8 cereals: wheat, barley, corn, rice, oat, rye, millet and sorghum.
  • Natural production process: using solely a thermal treatment that preserves.
  • Enriched with 11 vitamins and calcium.
  • GMO-free.
  • Your baby will love its delicious flavour and nice texture.
  • It easily dissolves and thickens, so you do not have to add extra scoops.
  • Suitable for preparation in a bowl or bottle. With hints of honey for a subtle flavour. It also contains Marie biscuits for a new and delicious flavour.

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