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Although doesn’t exist a magic formula for the tears of  the first days, fortunately we have some tools to make more easier the adaptation for return to kindergarten.

Sep 9, 2019

Even this is your first year at kindergarten or not, reboot the routine it’s no easy for they and for us. Although doesn’t exist a magic formula for the tears of  the first days, fortunately we have some tools to make more easier the adaptation. For avoid the drama at home on the next weeks, take note for de some tips for return to kindergarten.

Before to start, you have to know that the children have more power of adaptation than their parents and they adaptation highly depends of the attitude for the parents. For our first tip, this concept explain it so well.

Keep calm and be naturally

Maybe for the previous days at the start of kindergarten you are more nervous and emotion for this new start step. However, you mustn’t show your embrace to child. They are so intuitive and they may something bad is happening or will happen.

Therefore, our advice is that you face the beginning of the course with a lot of calmly and naturality too, talking openly about kindergarten.

Positive messages

From home it’s important to reinforce the idea of kindergarten where this is a place for the children to enjoying it. At kindergarten they will take care of you and they have a teacher who will teach a lot of things, possibly they first words and the first concepts go from there. And the best, you will meet with many children who want to play with you and will have fun.

Routine change

Go to the kindergarten is a big change for the kids. They are an unknown place, they are far from their parents, there are a lot of children… and also the have a schedule and rules, in the case of older children. Although the first things we can’t change it, we can do more lightly the routine change. The best way for that is create a new behaviour trying to apply the new schedule few weeks earlier until start at kindergarten.

adaptación a la guardería

Time to adapt

If the first days the kid is more sensitive, disobedient or nervous than normal, even no wants to eat or can’t sleep, don’t worry. Your child pass through an step of adaptation on his life that is natural and takes time. In that situation you have to breath-in deeply, be patient and reinforce the idea of kindergarten is a very funny place.

Trial days

The best strategy for the kid will to go to kindergarten is create that experience to live it. For that, it’s important to visit the kindergarten few days before starts with a cupple of hours of trial. This can do before summer or at September. Before starts, try to leave the kid at kindergarten short periods of time. Around hour and a half or two… after that, you have to continue amplify the time until complete every hour of the schedule. Without doubt, this way is the best for adaptation to kindergarten.

Their stuffs

On their backpack, apart of change of clothes, the diaper, baby-wipes, lotions or their favorite juice you must always been include some toy or object who helps to keep calm or who helps to sleep. For example, a pacifier for the cries moments, a teether for denticion or the toy that helps to sleep. Anything of this articles can help in stressful moments at kindergarten.

If you follow this tips, you will see that the child is going to adapt without problems to the kindergarten and he will want to meet with his teacher and friends every morning.