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It is recommended that parents always have a trick or a foolproof recipe for the little ones to enjoy the snack.

Sep 13, 2019

It’s always time for a snack after kindergarten. Whether your child likes the fruits or not, you could still make it a bearable moment. 

If your child is not too picky and eats any type of fruit, congratulations! However, if your little one is having trouble adapting to the taste and texture of the fruit, you may have to look for alternatives to help him get used to it. If this is your case, try offering him baby fruit pots. Normally, these purees have a very mild flavor, their texture is more liquid than if you make it, and that’s something kids appreciate, especially in their first snacks.


At this point, you may think that these types of porridge are not as healthy as if you made it yourself. However, this can only be a false myth. 

Packaged fruit porridge follows a strict quality control to reach the supermarket or pharmacy line. Also, in the case of Nutribén, the fruits used are of first quality, carefully selected at their right point of maturation, hence all their pots have a balanced flavor. Of course, in its preparation, no added sugar, salt, gluten or any type of additive, coloring or preservative is involved. Even if you are a faithful follower of organic food, Nutribén gives you the alternative of introducing your baby in this type of feeding with its Ecopotitos®  Nutribén®  Choice Fruit salad jar, which are certified with the organic farming seals of the Union European and the Community of Madrid, which guarantee the origin of the ingredients from organic farming.

It is recommended that parents always have a trick or a foolproof recipe for the little ones to enjoy the snack


Fruit and biscuits porridge

This is the classic recipe that consists of combining different types of fruit and adding biscuits to give a softer and sweeter touch to the puree. So, our advice is that when preparing this porridge use the seasonal fruits, washes, peels, and crushes in the mixer along with milk or orange juice and add 3 or 4 Maria cookies.


Peach with cereals porridge

If your baby has already turned the year, but he/she still resists the fruits or you want to surprise him with a new flavor, try crushing a peach in 200ml of hot milk, three tablespoons of semolina and a teaspoon of cocoa powder. To prepare this recipe you need the following ingredients: 200 ml of milk, 3 tablespoons of semolina, a peach and a teaspoon of cocoa powder. Guaranteed success!


Avocado, apple and orange porridge

The avocado is in trend now for many reasons. Its multiple benefits make it more than recommended for consumption, including babies. So, don’t miss the opportunity to include it in one of your little one’s snacks. And even if you don’t believe it, the result is porridge with a delicious and very pleasant taste that will conquer your child’s demanding appetite. Its preparation is as simple as crushing half an avocado, an apple, and an orange. And if you want more liquid, try using two oranges. Even the little one can drink it as if it were a juice.


You can be sure that with these recipes, from now on your children will be looking forward to snack time to enjoy the fruit. And you will be calm to know that they are fed healthily.

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Tips for the child to enjoy the snack

In addition to the menu, it’s also important that you consider certain factors that will help your child have a better snack. For example, these:


  • Snack time is a fantastic time for the child to begin to achieve some autonomy. So, as far as possible, allow him to take the spoon himself and eat on his own. For him, it will become a new, very fun experience, which will also allow him to discover new foods on his own.


  • While eating, try to distract him with his favorite toys, putting voices or any method that attracts his attention and thus eat without protesting. Of course, avoid mobile phones, the tablet, and television as much as you can.


  • Children feel comfortable with routines. So the snack becomes a habit as soon as you get up from the nap, at about the same time.