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The child gets bored and is claiming attention the only way he knows: cried.

Jul 10, 2019

Did you know newborn babies get bored, too? In fact, many times we believe that they are crying because they are hungry, sleepy or because something hurts and the truth is that none of this is the cause. The child is simply bored and is claiming attention the only way he knows: crying. Faced with this situation, many first-time dads ask: How can I relate to such a small baby? What do I do with him now? What can I play with him? In today’s post we will try to answer these and many other questions related to how to entertain a newborn. So if you’re about to be a daddy or a mommy, or you’ve just been a mommy or daddy, take a good note.

The sleep, the best entertainment

The best way to keep such a small baby entertained is to try to get as much sleep as possible. As you well know, newborn babies spend most of the day sleeping. Or at least in theory. Whether a child sleeps or not can depend on many factors, including feeding. If the child is hungry, he will hardly fall asleep. That’s why after each feeding, whether with breast milk or prepared, take him to his crib to sleep peacefully. 

If you notice that he is not resting or you notice him restless after eating, you can talk about changing the type of milk best suited to your baby’s needs. Of course, check with your pediatrician first. He’ll be the one who can best guide you. 

Hammocks and swings, a great help

Believe it or not, there are several options you have to entertain your baby during his or her waking hours. 

For example, hammocks and swings are the perfect option to keep your baby entertained without having to hold him in your arms, which will allow you not to slow down your activity.

When the newborn starts growing try putting him/her in a floor gym. In addition to having fun, you’ll start exercising his/her psychomotor skills.

Walks, much more than taking the air

Taking advantage of the fact that it’s summer, taking your baby for a walk should become one of the obligatory daily tasks. Of course, never when the sun is at its highest and always protecting the little one from the rays.

Going for a walk with a baby is very beneficial, because besides taking the air, the little one discovers and explores other environments and can be with people different from those of his family.    

All this becomes a powerful source of cognitive and sensory stimuli.

Cómo entretener a un recién nacido


Talk to him

In addition to taking walks and putting him in the hammock, talk to him every chance you get. Logically, do not expect them to look at you or understand you, but they do listen, and that allows them to recognize and be calm, because your voice is the only thing they have heard during pregnancy, so it is the only thing they know about you. 

Also, if that’s not enough, according to some studies, talking to babies increases their brain capacity.

Stimulate his/her senses

During the times when the child is awake you can also take advantage of stimulating the senses. We refer especially to touch and hearing, fully developed from birth.

Thus, physical contact is fundamental in such early stages. So don’t hesitate to hold him whenever necessary. Touch the palms of his hands and you will discover the exciting sensation of noticing how he responds to your caress by taking your finger. And if you touch the sole of his foot, he reacts by shrinking. 

To stimulate the ear try ringing keys near his/her ear, whispering or playing classical music. He will turn his head as if searching for the source of that pleasant sound.

Bath time, a good time to play

In addition to hygiene reasons, bathing is a very important moment for newborn babies, as it relaxes them and helps them fall asleep. And as they grow, it also becomes a way to stimulate the senses by playing with water and knowing his/her own body.