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We are in Carnival, the streets are flooded with costumes and masks in a waste of imagination, color and joy unique. This is why it is considered the funniest time of the year.

Mar 5, 2019

We are in Carnival, the streets are flooded with costumes and masks in a parade of imagination, colour and unique joy. This is considered the funniest time of the year.

These days there are few elders and little ones who resist characterizing their favourite characters, whatever they may be. Adults take advantage of the occasion to imitate their favourite actors or singers; Current characters, professions ….

Children enjoy the possibility of becoming superheroes and princesses for a few days. But what about babies? Logically they don’t decide how to dress during these days. In their case, it’s the parents who choose the clothing their little ones will wear to celebrate Carnival. But what are the most popular baby costumes? From Nutribén, we give you some ideas

Animals: Can there be something more beautiful than seeing a baby disguised as an animal? If this is your child’s first Carnival and you are thinking of disguising it, think of an animal. You will truly love it!

What do you think about turning your child into a nice giraffe for a few hours? Or to characterize the little one as a small elephant calf? Turning your daughter into a beautiful butterfly can become one of the most endearing visions of your life and you can even honour one of the characters that you liked the most when you were a child disguising your baby as Maya Bee.

Flamenco: If you have a girl and she has already shown her interest in dancing, why don’t you take advantage of this carnival to turn her into an authentic flamenco? She will be delighted with her long polka dot dress and you will be happy, proudly showing your daughter in disguise.

Dressing her as a ballerina can also be a great costume idea for your baby. It’s not that we hope that she will make a plie in first position, but we are convinced that she will be very cute with her tutu.

From magician: Surely you think that motherhood is magical. So why not disguise your offspring as a true magician? A white gaiter and a dark jacket will suffice for your little one to make you laugh by magic.

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Baby costumes don’t have to be complicated and you don’t have to leave your pocket in order to get the most original.

Recommendations for choosing baby costumes

Baby costumes don’t have to be complicated and you don’t need to empty your pockets to get the most original one. You just need a bit of imagination and skill for your child to enjoy its first Carnival to the fullest.

However, the most important thing when choosing the costume, beyond the theme, is to consider certain considerations related to health and safety. In that sense, a child costume, whether handmade or purchased, should be:       

Respectful with the skin: Baby skin is very delicate, for that reason the material from its costume must be natural and organic, to avoid possible redness. It’s also important to take care of the details, hence the seams must be located in a way that doesn’t disturb or damage your baby.

Comfortable: As with clothing, the child’s costume should allow maximum freedom of movement and should also include brackets on the bottom to allow you to change the diaper without undressing.    

Safe: It’s essential to make sure that the costume doesn’t include any embellishments or incrustations that the child can put in its mouth and cause choking. Fixing these elements strongly or removing them is the perfect solution to avoid possible scares.