First months > Christmas Gifts for Babies: Tips and Ideas

There are a few days left to receive the arrival of Santa Claus and if this is your baby’s first Christmas, you’re probably already thinking about what gifts are best for them.

Dec 20, 2019

There are a few days left to receive the arrival of Santa Claus and if this is your baby’s first Christmas, you’re probably already thinking about what gifts are best for them. The market offers a wide range of options for children, so many that sometimes you don’t know which one to choose. However, our advice is that there should always be a stimulus behind a toy that helps and contributes to the child’s development. Today we will give you some tips and gift ideas for babies for this Christmas to help you write their wish letter. Are you ready?

Adapted to each stage

Our first recommendation is that the toy should be adapted to the child’s age and their stage of development. The stimuli needed by a 3-month-old child are nothing like those needed by a 15-month-old baby. Everyone has needs and the toy should be right for their age. If your baby is in the first three months of life, a comforter or a crib toy with a sound could make excellent gift options for babies for sleeping.

On the other hand, if the child is older, it is ideal to make gifts that stimulate the senses, such as baby play gyms and musical instruments. Not to mention all sorts of toys with lights and sounds, which also tend to be a classic.

Encouraging mobility is another objective for toys in early childhood. So, if your child is on his or her feet and about to take his or her first steps, ask the Three Wise Men to surprise them with walkers. And for psychomotricity, balls, and sensory boards; you can also try puzzles and building blocks, among others.

Encourage your baby to read from a very young age

Psychologists and teachers agree that the love of reading must start at an early age. That’s why we encourage you to introduce your child to the world of literature from his or her first Christmas. Even though they are still very young, their intellectual maturity is ready to understand small stories adapted to their age. “Pepe the Chicken”, “Baby Dinosaur” “Luna” or the collection “Toca-Toca”, with their attractive colors and textures are perfect for your little one to start exploring the world around him or her. 

Safe toys, happy babies and relaxed parents

And what is more important is to check that the toy is safe and respects the legal manufacturing standards rather than choosing the right toy for the age of your child. We know that there are many types of toys on the market, but we must always avoid those of doubtful origin and made from materials of poor quality or that have not passed the necessary controls in their manufacturing.

As you can imagine, this recommendation is fundamental to carry it out scrupulously. The main problem with having poor quality toys at home is not only that they will break after a short time, but that they can be a serious risk to your child, especially as babies. From the toxicity of the materials to the risk of choking… anything is possible with these types of items near your child.

Give freedom to your imagination

And you can also become Santa’s best helper by making some of the toys for your baby yourself will be your most original gift!  For example, you can make a homemade rattle. But how?

Take a plastic water bottle and fill it with a little rice, chickpeas or even lentils. Then add some glitter or colorful beads. Close it tightly and there you have your rattle. It’ll be a sure hit! Or haven’t you noticed how your child likes to make noise by shaking things? They will be happy with their homemade rattle!