First months > Babies on the Beach: Tips

It is very important to offer the baby water almost constantly during the time you are at the beach because heat and sweat can make it easier for the child to dehydrate.

Aug 6, 2019

August is the holiday month par excellence. So if you’re not on the beach right now, you don’t have much left to be. In that sense, we can advise you few things about what to bring to the beach, type of clothing, sun protection, food … But what if this year you are accompanied by a baby? If you do not know how to organize yourself to go down with your child to the beach or the swimming pool, today we have elaborated for you a checklist with advice that will surely answer many of the questions that “torment” you and that will help you to enjoy the company of your child on the beach. 

At what age can I take the baby to the beach?

Taking the right precautions, a baby can go to the beach from any age, but the pediatric recommendation is that it is best to take children from six months. The reason is that it is hot on the beach and it is not advisable to bathe babies in sea or pool water until they are half a year old. So if your baby is a minor, it’s possible that the best option for this year is for you to choose another holiday destination. 

How do I protect you from the sun? 

Sunscreen should always be used by everyone, especially in summer. But in the case of babies, this protection becomes a strict obligation. 

Children’s skin is extremely delicate, much more so than that of adults, so the risk of suffering burns is much greater in their case. 

To prevent the sun’s rays from damaging them, as well as always having them in the shade, it is best to use sunscreens with an SPF 50. I mean, the tallest. Besides, they must contain mineral components, as chemicals can also cause skin irritation. 

Of course, the criteria for the application of the protector are the same as in the case of adults: apply half an hour before going down to the beach, repeat it every two hours at most and spread the product evenly throughout the body. Paying special attention to certain forgotten areas: ears, hump and feet.

Not only the sunscreen prevents them from the sun, but you can also put on suits or neoprene t-shirts specially designed for these cases. Also it is important that you wear a hat so that the rays don’t hit your head directly; and sunglasses so that it also protects your sensitive eyes.

Highly hydrated

It is very important to offer the baby water almost constantly during the time you are at the beach because heat and sweat can make it easier for the child to dehydrate. For this, lots of water and also fruit and vegetables. In this sense, Nutribén fruit potitos become the perfect choice, as they are made with the right amount of nutrients taking into account the nutritional needs of each stage and are subjected to the strictest quality controls. 

Shall I go with the car?

The umbrella, the bag with the towels, the chairs, the mattress… and this year, also the child. You can take him in the car, but we assure you that walking with him on the beach will be an impossible mission. Try portage. The baby is comfortable and you will have both hands free to carry the rest of the bumps.

The best toys

We’ve already mentioned that if your baby is over six months old, he can enjoy refreshing swims as often as you like, but you can also entertain him by giving him toys. As it can not be otherwise, sand games are preferred by children regardless of their age. Besides, in the case of younger children, it is a wonderful opportunity to stimulate their psychomotricity and attention span.