First months > Activities with children by the time they leave kindergarten

The holidays are only a few days away and the parents are beginning to suffer for not knowing what to do with the children now that there is no school.

Jun 6, 2019

The holidays are only a few days away and parents start to suffer because they don’t know what to do with their children when school is closed. The problem is aggravated if it is a baby, because, logically, the option of summer camps, whether urban or not, is out of the question. So… what kind of children’s activities can we organise once the kindergarten is finished?

If you have to keep working and your baby already has a vacation at the kindergarten, we’re going to give you options to entertain and take care of him while you’re in the office. Want to know what they are?

●  Grandparents: the first on the list of caregivers are usually grandparents or a close relative. Who better than the grandpas to take care of your baby? Besides, it’s very economical, what more could you ask for?
●  If, for whatever reason, the grandparents cannot take care of the child, you can always hire a trusted person for that during the hours you are away. It’s a lot more expensive, but your son won’t leave his comfort zone.
●  Another option is for you and your partner to give up going on holiday at the same time and to take the holiday separately to cover the almost three months of the school stoppage. It’s not the most attractive thing, but we assure you that you’re not the only ones.
●  It is also possible to reach an agreement with your company to let you work during these months from home. So you can take care of your child without giving up your job obligations.

You can choose one of these options or combine them, so your baby will be well cared for and you will have saved the problem that summer vacations mean in many homes.

And now, it’s not enough to take care of the children. Depending on age, babies need activities that not only entertain, but also stimulate them. So now that you know who is going to take care of him, you need to organise a calendar of children’s activities.

●  The park is a classic, but it’s a sure success. Whether they are old enough to climb the swings or not, that moment of relaxing between trees, watching other children play is a guaranteed success. You’ll see how they take the porridge or fruit juice without complaining!  
●  When the heat squeezes, it’s best to cool off in a nearby pool. If the baby is more than three months old, you can put him in the children’s pool and let him learn to splash. Of course, always with full sun protection.
●  Going to a theme park can also be a good option when the child is a little older. Riding on the attractions, especially the aquatic ones, will allow you to enjoy a very special family day.
●  Taking them to spend the afternoon in a toy library or a children’s show specially designed for the little ones can also prove to be a lot of fun and an activity to be valued for the coming months
●  And why not learn English? Just as older children go to camps to advance their knowledge of Shakespeare’s language, babies can too. In fact, according to the experts, the sooner they begin to hear another language, the easier it will be for them to learn it. There are many English academies specialising in young children.
●  And as a family outing, how about visiting a farm school? The little one will see his favourite animals with his own eyes and will even be able to touch them. Fun is guaranteed!
●  Finally, if the baby is still newborn, little or nothing is going to interest him in all of this. In this case, the most beneficial thing is to give him a walk in some cool area. It is the best way to stop heat and also gives natural light, which is especially beneficial for children in their first weeks of life.