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Repeating night activities with the baby, will help to go to bed.

Jan 21, 2019

Is it difficult for your child to fall asleep? Do they wake up many times during the night? Is it difficult to make them go to bed early? If the answer to those questions is yes, don’t worry, you are one of many mothers struggling every night for their children resting the necessary hours. Now, we all know how important it is that the little ones get a minimum of sleep hours, we are also aware of how complicated it can get to be sometimes. To help in the task of getting your kid to sleep at a reasonable time, in Nutribén International give you tricks that will help them go to bed. Take note!

Tricks to get your child to sleep

Create a sleeping routine

It is key that the children have a routine in their lives since it brings confidence and facilitates their development. Even in their sleep. In order to set a good night routine, it is important knowing the hours that a child must sleep according to their age. So, a newborn can sleep up to 16 hours. As they grow, the child will need fewer rest hours.

Repeating night activities with the baby

The next step to create a sleeping routine is to set some activities that will be repeated every night before going to bed. They can go from a warm bath, giving the bottle, in the case of the youngest, even brushing their teeth or reading their favourite story. This way, you’ll promote the creation of a ritual that will be the prelude for the moment of going to sleep and it will help them to fall asleep.   

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You’ll promote the creation of a ritual that will be the prelude for the moment of going to sleep

Try to get them into bed at the same time

To the extent possible, try to put the child to bed at the same time because having a fixed Schedule will ease that the child accepts going to bed at the time without any protest. The same happens with the waking-up time. It is about that the beginning and the end of sleeping are always set at the same time.

It is possible that in the holiday season these schedules are modified, especially during the summer. In this case, it is logic that you delay the moment of going to bed because of the increase of daylight hours, but no matter what, you should set a schedule and be strict with them.

Exercising, your great ally

Everybody knows that exercising helps to sleep well. And the children are not the exception. The more tired and relaxed they are at the end of the afternoon, the better they’ll sleep. To achieve this, it is key they do physical activity during the day, either they play sports or play outdoors. Remember that children have more energy than adults and it is important that they release to rest.

No stimulating activities before going to bed

Above, we have mentioned how important it is that the child is as relaxed as possible before going to bed, that implies that we have to avoid stimulating activities at the end of the day like, playing video games or watching the telly. Instead, it’s better reading a story since it contributes to getting relaxation.

Soft light for those afraid

At times, the reason why children don’t want to go to bed or don’t sleep as well as they should is that they are afraid of the dark. If this is the case of your child, don’t hesitate of leaving a soft light to prevent they get scared in the middle of the night.

Watch the diet

Paediatricians assure that a poor diet has influence in the sleep quality of the baby or child. There are stimulating foods like snacks and sweets, therefore, it is important to avoid those foods or drinks the hours prior to going to bed if we want our child to rest properly.  

Always keep calm

It is possible that at some moment the crying and complaints of your child for not wanting to sleep get to your nerves and make you lose patience. Even when it is a normal reaction, in order to get them to sleep it is important to keep calm and a firm but peaceful attitude where there is no space for screaming or scolding. If there is scolding, you’ll only get your child tense and worse the situation.

Why is it important that a child goes early to bed?

Beyond the necessary rest, sleeping has other benefits for children that are equally necessary for their physical, mental, and cognitive development:

  • During their sleep, children assimilate and organise everything they have seen and learnt, which results in a better physical and mental maturity.
  • According to studies, those children that don’t sleep properly show symptoms of hyperactivity, anxiety and depression.
  • It improves attention, learning, positivity, and develops creativity and imagination.