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The arrival of a child not only brings a revolution to your life, but also to your home.

Jul 17, 2019

The arrival of a child not only brings a revolution to your life, but also to your home. When they are babies you have to manage to find a place for all their things: the highchair, the hammock, the car, the changing table, the park… When the little one grows up, things get complicated. Or who hasn’t ever found his son’s car in the bathtub? Or the teddy bear in the washing machine? Well, to try to put a little order during these years, Nutriben gives you some tips to organize your house when you have small children. Ready?

This is how to order a house with small children

Believe it or not, having the house well tidy is possible. However, it requires a great deal of patience on the part of the parents, collaboration on the part of the child and the following measures:


Shall we order? The new children’s game. 

The main requirement for not finding all of your child’s toys scattered around the room is to make him aware of the need to pick them up after playing with them. Depending on the age of the child, it will be more or less easy to get. So, if he’s about 3 years old, you can start teaching him how to order. In order to do this, it’s best to do it as if it were a game. He’ll see it as a game and you’ll be glad to see it all in its place.

The Toy Box

If you want your child to pick up his toys, it is essential that he has a very identified place from where he should put them. Place a box or trunk and make it very clear that this is where her toys “live”.

como organizar la casa con bebe

Minimalist decoration

So that your child does not play with your wedding photo, the vase is not in danger and the flower center does not end up scattered throughout the room, it is essential that it is not within their reach. Even our advice is that during these years, you opt for minimalist decoration in your home.

Dangers out!

One of the most necessary changes you must make when your child starts walking is to keep any danger out of their reach. Put protectors on the sockets, corners of tables and furniture; security applications to certain drawers and closets, especially those where you keep medicines, cleaning products or sharp items…..

Make room for your food

Not only the decoration undergoes changes in this epoch. The kitchen is another room that changes the most with the arrival of a child. First, you have to make room for everything related to your food: bottles, milk, cereals. When it grows, all this leaves its place to the pots and the fruit, either natural or packaged. And of course, we can’t forget the packaged juices, such as Nutriben’s, that will accompany you for much of your childhood. The best way to organize it is to have a specific space to store it. It can be a wardrobe or a fruit cart.

To make your child as autonomous as possible, place his cutlery, plates and glasses in a place accessible to him. 

The bathroom

The bathroom must also be adapted to the needs of the new member of the family. During the process of diaper-wc transition, it is fundamental to give them all the facilities so that the little one learns to do their needs in the toilet. To do this, put a small stool to make it easier to access the cup and place a reducer so you can sit comfortably.

Watch out for the terraces!

If you have a terrace, it is important that you keep an eye on everything you have on it. Thus, avoid leaving stairs, chairs or anything that the child can use to get up. The same goes for windows and balconies.