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It is sometimes an impossible mission to get children to eat fruit. For this reason, it should be presented in a more appetising form for them.

Jun 19, 2019

Fruit smoothies for the afternoon snack


It is sometimes an impossible mission to get children to eat fruit. For this reason, it should be presented in a more appetising form for them. Taking advantage of the arrival of summer, what better way than to eat fruit than in a fresh shake?

In addition to being a healthy snack, children will enjoy drinking a very tasty shake.

To do this, as with any natural shake, the basic recipe is as simple as beating fruit. It will depend on the ingredients and if you add some topping what will make the shake more or less attractive for your children.

For example, if what you want to do is a multi-fruit milkshake, try pouring a Ecopotitos®  Nutribén® Macedonia of selected fruits on the milk, as it has the certificates of the European Union and the Community of Madrid, which guarantee the ecological origin of its ingredients. As well as being healthy, you will save time. What more could you ask for?

However, if you want to make other types of fruit smoothies, here are some recipes that will delight your children.

Banana shake with chocolate

The banana is one of the most interesting fruits for children, however, it’s maybe hard for you to get the kids to eat it. … until they try this shake.

You need to:

●  200 grams of peeled bananas.
●  50 grams of sugar.
●  ½ litre of milk.
●  ½ litre of vanilla ice cream.
●  400 grams of dark chocolate topping.
●  Chocolate chips.

Start by peeling and chopping the bananas. In a bowl, place milk and banana pieces and whip until creamy. Try it, and if it’s not too sweet, add a little sugar.

Then add the vanilla ice cream and whip again to create a smooth, cold cream. Pour a spoonful of chocolate shavings and move it with a spoon.

Uhmmmmm delicious!

A classic, strawberry milkshake

In the middle of spring, the fruit par excellence is the strawberry. It’s hard for kids not to like it, but you can surprise them with a new way to eat them.

You need to:

●  20 strawberries
●  2 Greek yogurts/1/2 litre of milk
●  A tablespoon of honey (optional)
●  5 ice cubes (optional)


This fruit shake is as simple as its ingredients. Just whip the strawberries (previously washed and the stems removed) and the milk or yoghurts. You can ameliorate the sweetness with a splash of honey. And if you want to give it a frappé touch, try adding ice cubes and whip again. If not, just leave it in the fridge an hour before the kids go to drink it.

Pineapple and orange shake

For the hot afternoons that await us this summer, there is nothing better than fighting the heat with two very refreshing fruits: orange and pineapple.

You need to:

●  250 gr. fresh pineapple
●  3 oranges
●  50 gr. of sugar
●  100 ml. of water
●  100 gr. of ice (optional)

Peel the pineapple, chop it and put it in the blender glass.

Squeeze and add the oranges. Then add the water and the sugar. As in the previous case, you can add ice cubes. If not, just leave the shake in the fridge.

Now it’s your turn to beat it until the mixture is as homogeneous as possible. When you get it, try it to see if you need to add more sugar (or more juice if you want to give it a more acidic touch).

And for the lactose intolerant, a peach milkshake with soy milk.

If your child is lactose intolerant, there’s no reason why he shouldn’t enjoy a fruit shake this summer. Try soy milk and one of the sweetest seasonal fruits, peach.

●  2 peaches
●  ½ litre of soy milk
●  1 tablespoon sugar (you can replace it with honey or agave syrup)

First, wash the peaches well. Peel and cut them into pieces.

Put the peaches in the glass of the mixer and then add the soy milk until it covers the pieces of peach.

Add as many tablespoons of sugar as you like (this is a matter of taste).

Beat well until there are no whole pieces of peach left.