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Summer is just around the corner but don’t worry, this year we are ready to make it easier for you to pack for your baby.

Jun 13, 2019

Baby Suitcases: What to Bring

Summer is just around the corner and the holidays are with him. Whether it’s your first trip with the child or not, packing a baby’s suitcase can be stressful. But don’t worry, this year we’re ready to help you with the task by sharing a few tips on what to bring to get a really practical suitcase that doesn’t take up too much space in the trunk. Let’s get started!

What’s not to be missing from a baby’s suitcase?

Rather than telling you what should be included, it is important to emphasize what should not be missing.

Documents in force: Especially if you go outside Spain, you won’t be able to leave the country if the child doesn’t have an ID card. But if you stay in your homeland, it never hurts to include the Family Book, the medical and the vaccination card.

-A complete first-aid kit: We know that children get sick at the most inopportune moments, that’s why it’s important to go with a small first-aid kit that can get you out of trouble: antipyretics, plasters, thermometer, physiological serum, cough syrup ….

-Sun protection, essential: No matter where you go, whether to the beach or a more rural destination, child sunscreen cannot be missing from your baby’s toiletries during the summer months. A little hat is not bad for days at the beach or swimming pool or any time there is direct sun exposure.

-Towels: Even if you go to a hotel, it is important that you bring a towel especially for the baby because the hotel towels are washed with very powerful detergents that can become aggressive for the delicate skin of a baby. So make room in her suitcase for a couple of towels washed with baby soap.

-Clothing, the right and necessary: This may be the most hesitant point when it comes to packing a suitcase for a small child. We tend to take the whole wardrobe if it rains, if it’s cold, if it’s hot…. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Well, that’s not necessary. Yes, it’s advisable to wear some clothes between the seasons in case it gets chilly, especially if you’re going to the north of the country, but in summer it’s usually very hot and with a little jacket and fine gaiters you can resolve the day.

-Toys: We all need a few days of adaptation in the new destination, especially children, so don’t forget those items that he is more familiar with. If he uses a lamp to sleep or already has favorite toys, it is important that you take them with you, because it will help him to adapt better and faster to the environment.

– Go portable: Not because you’re on vacation do you have to lose sight of everyday routines. The market now offers many alternatives so you can take care of your baby as you would at home. Or, take a look at portable bathtubs for bath time.

To sterilize bottles and pacifiers, get a travel sterilizer for microwaves and thermoses, both for water and purées, are very practical if you’re going on an excursion on those days.

And during the trip?

Now that you have packed the baby’s suitcase, and you’ve managed to fit everything in the trunk of the car, it is time to start the journey. Now it is also important to take into account some basic considerations that will help you to have a better journey.

So, in addition to having wipes and diapers on hand in case you need to make an emergency stop to change him, it is important that you have a bottle warmer for travel that you can use inside the vehicle. It will be very practical if you have to heat water to make a relaxing infusion or for the gases or milk for drinking.

It will also be very useful to bring a toy to entertain the child for the times when he is more restless, ¡sure that there will be!