Alter Farmacia S.A. signs a new partnership agreement with Changzhou QianJiaWanPu Commerce Co., LTD to distribute Nutriben-Innopro products in Mainland China.

Madrid (Spain), April xx, 2021 .- Alter Farmacia S.A announces a new distribution agreement with the Chinese company Changzhou QianJiaWanPu Commerce Co., LTD (MSE:QJWP) to commercialize Nutriben®-Innopro® products in Mainland China.

About Alter Group: Alter Group is a Spanish Pharmaceutical family company with 80 years of experience in the health market leading infant foods with Nutriben® brand.

Nutribén® is an internationally consolidated brand in the field of infant nutrition, Nutribén® products are sold in more than 30 countries. Its aim is to continue growing and innovating, providing all its products with the maximum quality safety and innovation.

Nutriben® products are manufactured in the three factories which Alter Farmacia owns in Madrid (Spain, Europe) where the maximum security, quality, and safety in the production process is completely guaranteed. All Nutribén® products are produced according to strict quality standards.

About Changzhou QianJiaWanPu Commerce Co., LTD: QJWP is a full-channel service provider specializing in maternal and infant products industry in China. The company was established in June 2010. The company has long been engaged to the research and practice of maternal and infant product industry, developing an online and offline integrated network. They have a complete and efficient business system, and provides high-quality sales network and logistics channels all over the country, so as to provide high-quality food for Chinese consumers and omni channel services for children. Changzhou QianJiaWanPu Commerce Co., LTD. is committed to deliver high-quality food for Chinese consumers, providing full-channel services for Nutriben.

Commitment and integrity are the core values of QianJiaWanPu. It has been awarded with the certifications of Jiangsu e-Commerce Demonstration Enterprise, Jiangsu Province Advanced Company and Changzhou Five-star Service Model Enterprise

Products: Nutribén and QJWP will launch Nutriben infant milk formula brand in China, Innopro® and a wide range of Innopro baby cereals.

Innopro® infant formula, offers a unique combination of ingredients for baby nutritional balance:

  • OPO (beta palmitate acid) : Human milk research has revealed a unique structure where palmitic acid, one of the most abundant fatty acids found in human milk, is usually attached (70-75% of the time) to the middle position in the glycerol back-bone. This typical structure is found in human milk of women all over the world.
  • Alfa-lactoalbumin: It is a high biological value protein, present in breast milk but not in cow’s milk, that reduces renal load and diminishes protein content and provides a similar aminogram to breast milk.
  • DHA: influences baby brain development. DHA can optimize the composition of the phospholipid of baby brain cone cells, stimulating the baby's hearing, vision, and touch. It leads the growth of more dendrites in the neurons of the sensory center of the baby's cerebral cortex. It promotes the maturation of photoreceptor cells in the retina.